FACILITYcycle - REcycle!


It’s Time to Solve a Big Problem – Join in Today!

FACILITYcycle is a place where Facility Managers, Non-Profits, Commercial Real Estate Professionals, Recyclers, and other interested parties can come together to solve a big problem – throwing too much ‘stuff’ into landfills! Best of all, registration and usage is FREE!

We hear lots of hype about sustainability and ‘going green’. But how can any of us have an impact on what seems like an almost insurmountable problem? We believe you have to start with what we know...

 Proud Supporter Of The EPA Wastewise Program

What we know is that each year, waste from facilities contributes to more than 8.8 million tons of landfill... and that number is growing!

Every day, businesses need to dispose of old office furniture, building materials, and more for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, it’s urgent. Most of the time, there is no good solution - and no time to find one!  That's why tons of stuff gets dumped into landfills.

Well, we’ve developed a powerful solution -! It’s a free, online community resource for business owners, facilities managers, non-profits, commercial real estate professionals, and others who want to help keep their used stuff out of landfills. It’s a place where you can:

Recycle! Sell or trade used stuff to other businesses 
Recycle! Find and buy used stuff from other businesses
Recycle! Donate used stuff to charities, startups, and other entities
Recycle! Recycle used stuff with reliable, qualified local recyclers

FACILITYcycle is developing partnerships with charities, non-profits, and key local recyclers who can help you dispose of your used stuff in a way that's kinder to our environment!

Think of it this way... while we can't help you REduce the amount of facilities 'stuff' you use, we can help you REuse (i.e. Buy, Sell, Donate) and REcycle your facilities 'stuff'!  FACILITYcycle is that simple - REuse & REcycle - so you can help Keep Our Environment Working!


Don’t wait to sign up – simply click Recycle! at the top of this page. It’s an active online community sponsored by businesses that care. It’s our attempt to give back and solve a significant and growing problem.

Whether you use it daily, monthly, or only once a year, we hope you find FACILITYcycle a truly valuable tool. And if you have other ideas, feel free to let us know! We know this is just a start, and we don't have all the answers. Let’s solve this problem together!

* Estimate source: EcoCycle CHaRM